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Name: Bec Burns  |  Company: Bag-Gang Official Model  |
Hometown: Gympie, Queensland (Australia)  |  Industry: Modeling
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“Bec is a loving and caring person. Always giving her best in her work and making sure everyone is happy with the end results!”

Bec Burns (2)

In a place like Australia, you always need something comforting… well cozy up with the beautiful flame Bec Burns. She has been modeling for just three years now but let her tell it she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!  With so much beauty you think she would be a complicated woman… but that’s far from the truth, she is a humble and simple girl who loves old classical movies and shopping at her local coffee shop.

“My hobbies include: Reading, Writing, Taking long walks, and Modeling!”

Bec Burns (9)

// MODEL BIO * : : . .
Thank you for looking at my portfolio. l have been modeling part time for a few years now and have now decided to make it my full time job. l will be appearing in a calendar to be released later this year as well as a poster and have been used in hair dressing brochures. l am petite in structure, have a few face and body piercings and body tattoos that can be seen in my portfolio pics. Would love to do a feature in a tattoo magazine. l only do TFP shoots if it will enhance my portfolio. l do not do erotic nude shoots so please don’t ask. My fees are reasonable and l expect my travel expenses to be paid. Hope to here from you soon. XXX

Bec Burns (7)

// BEC BURNS LINKS * : : . .
| DA: http://www.bec-burns.deviantart.com
| Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BecBurnsModel
| Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/bburns0658
| My Website: http://officialbecburns.weebly.com
| Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/Bec_Burns
| IStudio: http://www.istudio.com/37441
| Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/bec.burns.969
| Facebook Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBecBurns

Bec Burns (1)

// BEC BURNS STATS * : : . .
| Age: 24
| Ethnicity: Caucasian
| Height: 5’ 0’’
| Bust: 32’’
| Waist: 26’’
| Hip: 30’’
| Shoe: 6.5
| Dress: 6

Bec Burns (3)


* What makes you an Exclusive commodity to work with?
My bubbly personality and always giving 110% in my work.

* What’s your most Exclusive Asset?
The people I work with!

* What gets you in the Exclusive Mood when you’re doing sexy photo shoots?
I have to be in a good mood when I wake up that morning or at least in a decent mood. Otherwise I don’t even bother.

* What’s goals in Modeling?
I plan on doing part time modeling for a while now. I just adore it so much I don’t want to stop.

* Are you a Model or an Entrepreneur?

* What’s the most exclusive Magazine?

* What’s the most exclusive Clothing Designer?
Pink Tartan

* What’s the most exclusive Shoes Designer?
Jeffrey Campbell

* Who’s the most exclusive Model ever?
Anett The Smerfette

* Where’s the most Exclusive place in the world?

* Do you have any Upcoming Exclusives…
Stay tuned to She Got It In The Bag!

Bec Burns (6)

// BOOK BEC BURNS TODAY! * : : . .

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