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SHE GOT IT IN THE BAG! - Jenae Elise (1)

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Name: Jenae Elise  |  Company: Bag-Gang Official Model  |
Hometown: Tempe, AZ  |  Industry: Modeling/Singing/Poetry
. . : : * EXCLUSIVE QUOTE * : : . .

“Once you realize you can do anything, you’re free!”

Jenae Elise (4)

// HEALING STAR! * : : . .
Its one thing just to be in the world… Its another thing to love the world so much that you want to better the world. Arizona Bag Gang Model JENAE ELISE has a passion and a vision to heal the world through art! Currently enrolled in ASU majoring in a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Health Jenae Elise will make a major impact on and off the camera!

“Having so many dreams but little opportunity to accomplish those dreams made me try to achieve my goals even harder… As a young child I always dreamed of becoming someone big in life.”

Jenae Elise (1)

She describes herself as a female who’s wise with a free spirit. Her plan is to be a signed and published model with a degree who also can sing… sounds like a good tripe-threat. And with an extreme focus on not letting anything stop her, we have to salute her!

“So not only do I plan to heal the world, I plan to sing and write to it too!”

Jenae Elise (5)

// JENAE ELISE LINKS * : : . .
| http://www.facebook.com/jenae.elise7
| http://www.twitter.com/trippynae
| http://www.modelmayhem.com/jenaelise
| http://instagram.com/trippynae

Jenae Elise (2)

// JENAE ELISE STATS * : : . .
| Age: 21
| Ethnicity: African American/Mexican American
| Height: 5’4”
| Bust: 32A
| Waist: 21
| Hips: 34
| Shoe: 7
| Dress: 0

Jenae Elise (6)


* What makes you an Exclusive commodity to work with?
What makes me an exclusive commodity to work with is my free spirited charm and great character.

* What’s your most Exclusive Asset?
My most exclusive asset is definitely my brains and my attractive personality.

* What gets you in the Exclusive Mood before an Exclusive Photo Shoot?
My favorite music gets me in an exclusive mood before an exclusive photo shoot!

* What’s your ultimate goal in Modeling?
My ultimate goal in modeling is to get signed to an agency and to become published with all the high end magazines and clothing brands!

* Are you a Model or an Entrepreneur?
I am both!

* What’s the most Exclusive Magazine?
The most exclusive magazine, in my opinion, is High Times, Essence and Vogue.

* Who’s the most Exclusive Clothing Designer?
The most exclusive clothing designer for street wear is Mishka, for mainstream Versace and Givenchy.

* Who’s the most Exclusive Shoes Designer?
Exclusive shoe designer would be Louboutin, Givenchy and Prada

* Who’s the most Exclusive Model ever?
I am the most exclusive model ever… And Iman 🙂

* Where’s the most Exclusive place in the world?
The most exclusive place in the world, I would have to say Dubai.

* Do you have any Upcoming Exclusives…
Just Stay Tuned In!

Jenae Elise (8)
PHOTO CREDIT: I Am Root Co. – Dominique Flagg


Jenae Elise (3)



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